Pure Bliss

Pure Bliss

Herbal Peel

Herbal Peeling

Herbs2peel is a successfully proven, natural peeling method for skin regeneration based on a mixture of pure herbs. Its natural composition is completely free from chemical substances, synthetic binders and abrasives, without any toxic side effects. This natural blend contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, enzymes, phytohormones, mineral salts, tannins and trace elements.

Suitable for

  • Skin rejuvenation: A healthy boost of energy and nutrients
  • Signs of aging: corrective and preventative
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Uneven skin and (hyper)pigmentation
  • Scars
  • Enlarged pores
  • Oily skin, skin impurities
  • Follicular Hyperkeratosis
  • Different forms/severities of impure skin
  • Cellulite
  • Stretch marks
  • Sagging contours (stomach area, upper arms and thighs)
How it works

The herbs are combined with specially developed products and massaged into the skin. Micro-particles from the herbs will penetrate deep into the skin where their nutritive properties remain active for a longer time period. Vitamins, carbohydrates, enzymes, phytohormones, proteins, trace elements and minerals release their positive impact here. Skin circulation is increased, regeneration is stimulated.

The Treatment

The “Corrective” C-Peel is a deep peeling treatment and a positive alternative to other skin regeneration methods, without negative side effects. Unlike chemical peels and lasers which create a controlled injury to the skin to generate new cell growth, the herbal compound penetrates deep into the skin and shows healing, soothing and regenerative properties. herbs2peel works with your skin for a better, safer and more natural result in just 5 days!

Day 1 Herbs2peel is applied at the institute by a certified herbs2peel skin care professional. Your skin will have a flushed appearance.
You will go home with 3 prescribed home-care products to support and protect your skin in the 5-day process.
Day 2 Use the prescribed home-care products.
Your skin looks normal and has a healthy glow.
Day 3 The first signs of peeling may appear.
Continue to use your home-care products.
Day 4 Skin will continue to peel more noticeably.
You may want to stay home on this day.
Continue to use your home-care products to calm, nourish and protect your skin.
Day 5 Return to your skin care professional for your Follow-Up treatment. Any remaining traces of old skin will have peeled at this point. Your skin will be brought into balance and infused with essential vitamins and nutrients. Your new, healthy skin will be revealed!